Fall Advance

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Today was a really exciting day! My seminary had what they call a Fall “Advance.” It was basically a beginning of the year meeting for new and current students where we can all get to know one another & our professors. It was truly an amazing experience because it was a jump into the sea of seminary (which relates to about 10 million things that were said today about getting thru waves & the seas and…well… it was just… WOW.) I can barely describe or even get my head somewhat around all the experiences and things I am going to learn. I was excited to hear about all the events and communal gatherings that go on. I am truly going to grow and that is what I have really had a deep desire to do.

But don’t think this won’t come with sacrifice or hardship. I gave myself a headache by attending the session on researching books & articles online. Realized that I have about 2-3 programs I definitely want to download onto my new laptop when I get it and realize that my Saturdays will mostly be trekking up to the Library so I can have some real study time. From what I also understand I definitely will need lots and lots of prayer to protect my heart, soul and mind from spiritual warfare. I know i’ve already met some from the most unexpected place and I haven’t even started school yet.
However, i trust God to lead me and as He says, to never forsake me. I was blessed to hear that this morning and for the reminder that God loves us, and that He is preparing me for this journey that I have not only suppressed for so long but cannot wait to jump into.

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