Good… no, Great News!

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Yesterday I got to register for my classes at Fuller. That was a huge relief and exciting as ever knowing that I will be studying again. I know, its a little weird saying I’m going to enjoy this but I feel as though I have a deep joy inside me that has just been released. So I registered for Beginning Greek, Systematic Theology and Foundations for Ministry. Pray for me during these studies… cause anyone who has been in school knows everyone needs a little prayer.
What really made yesterday great was that I also received my financial aid reward. Enough to cover classes, books, and possibly some other school-related expenses. This was a great discovery since I had been told I would not receive the awards until Friday/Next Monday. It was also nice to know I would be covered.
I know… I should trust God a little more when he says “Go” but I’m human… and I get very anxious of making sure things are secured before making major changes. In the end, God provided, just as he has in the past. I’m really going to try and get the best grades possible. I know this is a silly goal right now, since i have no idea what grad classes are like, but I want it to be a goal. My undergrad GPA was the highest it has ever been (honest GPA, not elevated like in high school with AP classes) and I want to hang onto that. I also want to (in the futurue God-willing) to pursue a Th.M. For some reason I feel a pull towards this and want to be able not only to lead a congregation but also to have enough knowledge to do a little teaching. This will take time, something I know God has clearly stated I have plenty of, and so I will work at my M.Div until times reveals.
In closing, when I found out yesterday about my classes and financial aid, I sang a song to God…(The Doxology if you want to know)
Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow
Praise Him all creatures here below
Praise Him above yea heavenly host
Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost

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