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Exactly what the post says… nothing much going on.

This morning consisted of me trying not to think about the sunburn I acquired at my neice’s soccer game yesterday and of what to eat for breakfast as we have no food in the house.
On a positive note, I had enough money to service my car for 60k miles. That was a blessing because I need to keep my little Matrix (aka Beaker) running.
Today is also rally sunday at church– which equates to food, fun, and a raffle that I will be handing out tickets for 🙂 I figured it was a great way for people to learn who I am and then I get to meet a lot of people as well.
I’m praying God will calm my nerves down considering I am still in this limbo state for school. Classes start on September 27th, I have no idea what my financial aid status is or my admissions status really because my portico states I’m still a “Limited Enrolled Student” when I know I’m program seeking. At least that’s what I think. I sent out follow up emails and I register for classes on Tuesday so I am hoping/praying everything will be worked out by then. But that’s Tuesday, today is Sunday, and frankly… I’m still worried 😛
Shalom in Christ,

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